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TrThAsia International Foreign Company  Since its establishment, it has shown rapid and stable development. 
Our first time in a Bangkok based company that continues to operate today in Istanbul, Turkey has taken a major step with the new office.
TrThAsia International Foreign Company products are classified under two main headings. These are Food and Non-Food groups. 
For users who want to improve their trading, our website offers product purchases from Certified Manufacturers.

The purpose of our business is to store the product from the manufacturer and sell it to the dealers and customers at reasonable prices.

We help our customers to find products in our portfolio faster and more efficiently. With this method to prevent price fluctuations against producers and consumers,  we aim to increase the earnings of the producer and to provide quality products that will provide economic service to the consumer.

We are that facilitates transactions between businesses everywhere in the world.

                                                      EXECUTIVE TEAM 

                Serhat www.trthasia.png                                                Watina www.trthasia.png

                          Serhat DURDAGI                                                                           Watina SAE-LIM

                        GENERAL MANAGER                                                  R&D and QUALITY ASSURANCE MANAGER